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Mattia Montanari


I’m 35 years old Head of Art from a small town called Piacenza, in beautiful Italy. I love Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration, Crafting, Photography, Arts and I feel a true devotion for Typography.

When I was a child I saw my mother working on one of the first Macintosh, then I started to play with Photoshop 1.0. I was fashinated by computer graphic so I decided to go studying at European Institute of Design and at the University of Studies of Milan, and I felt in love with the knowledge of arts, aesthetics, cinematography, design and communication.

I have 10 years of experience on the field now. I love working with people, specially in mixed talents team where everyone could put his best to create the unseen.

I keep pushing for Innovation hanging on between analogic and digital.

Mattia Montanari


Mattia Montanari

Art Direction
Head of Art

Leo Burnett


Socio ADCI dal 2018

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McDonald's Big Tasty

The most tasty burger of McDonald's was relaunched on January 2017 in Italy. Every burger lover was waiting for it, longing to eat it again after so long absence. But this time there was an innovation, Big Tasty came back in other two version, Wrap and Chicken. This was an unexpected news, until a girl met a guy at night in a restaurant and...
February 2017

Google Website for business

Most of Italian small businesses don’t have their own company website. The challenge of this campaign is to to move Italian small businesses on line. “La Mia Impresa Online” (“My Business Online”) is a web tool that helps you to easily build a free website for your business. So easy that it will seem as easy as doing your job.
May 2011

Oblio type


Infinity - Sheldonize the city

After 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory is sure that the series’ fans have developed high scientific skills. For the launch of the 11th season on Infinity TV (an Italian streaming service), we turned an entire area of Milan into a massive, open-air science center, playing with visuals and words using the weird, but scientifically correct, language of Sheldon Cooper.
February 2018