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Alessandro Merletti De Palo


Film director since 1998, ranges from medium-length films to documentaries and reportages, videoclips to fiction, virals to commercials. He studied Economics at the Roma Tre University, Caring Economics in the US together with Model Thinking (Michigan-Ann Arbour) and Organizational Analysis (Stanford). Ex-Professor of Film Analysis in Padova, Cooperation theory social scientist with a research project selected in Silicon Valley and New York at the 2015 and 2016 MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence Conference and at the OuiShare fest in Paris. Lego fan and ex-cellist, he plays with the 100 Cellos Orchestra with the lead of Sollima and Melozzi. Reads Adelphi and Science, listens to classical music, moves along with a Brompton, dances african Butô, plays Ultimate Frisbee, meditates in Acroyoga sessions and collects myths and ancient stories from all over the world.

Alessandro Merletti De Palo


Alessandro Merletti De Palo

Film & Video

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Socio ADCI dal 2017