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Fabio Gasparrini


After classical studies, one year in the USA as an exchange student, studies of Biology at the University, a course in Animated Cinema, a degree from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, in the mid 80s I thought I had found my vocation in Advertising. Started as a small studio, moved to Milano in 1990, worked as a copywriter in different ad agencies (Catyullo & Sylwan, Talent, Verba DDB Needham, Publicis) before going back to freelancing as a creative consultant for countless agencies and brands. I founded Horace in 2003, convinced that a small shop would give to me more creative freedom, and to my clients a better service.

Fabio Gasparrini


Fabio Gasparrini

Creative Direction
Founder | Creative Director | Copywriter


Via Gustavo Modena, 6
20129 Milano

Tel. 0270009669
fabio.gasparrini @

Socio ADCI dal 2003

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