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Federica Facchini


I'm 31 years old, senior art director from a small city of Puglia (Brindisi), I grew up in a family of music collectors. My mother's from Argentina and my father is a former italian soccer player.

I love everything that has to do with Advertising, Typography, Illustration, Crafting, Photography and Art and I feel a true devotion for innovative ideas, music and beauty.
I like to be inspired by everything, that's because I'm so curious. I love colors, avant-garde art, fashion and during my free time I like djing (a.k.a. PlayEva). I love the sea and I surf since 6 years. In my work experience I learned enthusiasm, determination, teamwork, leadership and ability to adapt.

I always thought that every form of communication is a way to self-expression. Then I discovered the advertising world and I fell in love with this kind of hidden art. 

Federica Facchini


Federica Facchini

Art Direction
Senior Art Director


Leto Pomponio 3/5
20146 Milano

Socio ADCI dal 2017

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