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Andrea Cornelli


He began his professional career in 1981 founding C&T, one of the first Italian company dedicated to design information and communication technology systems, and becoming active part, later Ceo, of Cornelli BPE. He get in touch in 1986 with RP Partners (later Ketchum Italy), a leading communication agency which he began to collaborate with since 1987. In 1994 he gained control over Telemacus, a company operating in the Digital Market Strategy business; this laid the foundation of a strong and synergic activity with Ketchum, realizing since then the communicative potential of the digital world. In Telemacus he became CEO in 1995, and accelerated the process of analysis and development of innovative communication strategies, digital and beyond. He gained specialist expertise that will lead him to become VicePresident in 1999 and later also CEO of Ketchum Italy. In 2013 he has been appointed Global Partner of the Ketchum international network. After the merger between Ketchum, Fleishmann Hillard and Porter Novelli, in June 2017, he became Executive President of the new entity, Omnicom Public Relation Group (OPRG). From January 2020 to date, Chief Innovation Officer and Board Member of SEC Newgate. From March 2021 to date, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Grifal Group. Part of several communication Awards juries: Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Sabre Awards, NC Digital Awards, Native ADV, IMC European Award EACA and more. From 2014 to 2015 Assorel President, in 2015 he joined Assocom, now UNA, from 2019 Vice President. PRHub Project co-founder.